Building Business Acumen

This program will provide you with Business acumen that goes beyond basic financial literacy, which is the ability to interpret the numbers on a financial statement. It incorporates an understanding of how corporate strategy affects those key numbers.

Business acumen provides you with a deeper insight into organisational needs, and makes it easier for you to strategically position products and services.

Target Audience

  • Staff
  • Team Leader
  • Middle Manager
  • Senior Manager
  Duration 1/2 to 1 day
  Language English
  Certificate No

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Develop the terminology used in everyday business conversations
  • Identify the organisation’s current strategy as well as areas for growth
  • Understand company profitability and be able to quickly read an annual report to understand the financial situation
  • Identify the various financial and business planning cycles critical to organisations
  • Identify an organisation’s key competitors
  • Analyse the organisations key client’s/ customers and the knowledge required to be able to converse effectively