Certificate III in Customer Engagement – BSB30215

Working in the service industry demands a wide range of skills and capabilities to meet the demands of your customers. Our Customer Engagement qualifications can help you ramp up your skills to allow you to provide exceptional service at every contact.

Qualified trainers will take you through a range of topics to help you better understand your customers and develop service strategies to meet their needs. So if you want to fast track your career in the service industry, complete our Certificate III or IV in Customer Engagement to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Career outcomes:

  • Retail assistant
  • Sales assistant
  • Customer service officer
  • Tele-sales
  • Sales agent
  • Call centre operator
  • Face to face sales consultant
  • Customer service consultant
  Duration 6 - 8 months
  Language English
  Certificate Yes

Topics covered in this course include:

Sales and service acumen

Learn the importance of customer engagement, its role in your organisation and best practice strategies for engaging with customers.

Everyone counts

Effectively use your organisation’s systems to source information relevant to servicing your customers and develop selling strategies that meet the needs of each individual customer.

Personal management

Build effective working relationships with your colleagues to optimise service to your customers and manage your workload effectively to minimise stress and maximise service outcomes.


Improve your product and service knowledge to effectively recommend customised solutions to your customers.

Positive language

Learn how to use your voice and words to help meet your customers’ needs and resolve complaints in a positive way.

Work Health and Safety

Contribute effectively to health and safety in your workplace and know how to deal with any hazards or incidents that may occur.