Certificate IV in Customer Engagement – BSB40315

This course will equip you to take the next step on your development pathway. You be will introduced to an array of concepts, models, and practices, and will be provided with the tools and support to nurture and further develop your skills and behaviours

You will be encouraged to recognise and take responsibility for your own behavioural styles and actions and understand the importance of building relationships and being a role model. You will develop the skills to vary your style to suit the motivation, likes and dislikes of each person you come into contact with.

You will learn to recognise and realise the power of verbal and non-verbal communication. You will be able to assess your current style of communication and the impact this has on your team. You will be able to  shape your communication to promote excellent teamwork and to influence and inspire those around you.

Career outcomes:

  • Team manager
  • Team leader
  • Customer service officer
  • Tele-sales
  • Sales agent
  • Face to face sales consultant
  • Customer service consultant
  Duration 6 - 8 months
  Language English
  Certificate Yes

Topics covered in this course include:

Positive language

Learn the importance of customer engagement, its role in your organisation and best practice Use language, tone and sales solutions to effectively meet customers’ needs, resolve customer complaints in a positive way and implement strategies to prevent them reoccurring.

Managing self

Lead effective working relationships within your team to optimise service to your customers and manage workloads effectively to minimise stress and maximise service outcomes.

Continuous improvement

Use feedback to identify service issues and contribute to improving work practices to more effectively service your customers.

Work Health and Safety

Lead health and safety in your workplace and know how to manage any hazards or incidents that may occur.

Strategy and continuous improvement

Develop strategies to improve information management and compliance in your work team.