Certificate IV in Leadership and Management – BSB42015

Throughout this course you will develop business acumen, leadership skills and behaviours to be able to lead yourself and others.  You will learn how to manage your own performance, whilst leading others to excellence.  This course is embedded with powerful new techniques such as adaptive and collaborative leadership, emotional and social intelligence which will enable you to lead and grow your career.

Career outcomes:

  • Team leaders
  • Manager
  • 2IC
  • High performing employee
  • Supervisor
  Duration 6 - 10 months
  Language English
  Certificate Yes

Topics covered in this course include:

Communication and interaction

Take ownership of service quality in your organisation by understanding your customers’ needs and implementing best practice strategies for customer service.

Continuous improvement

Use feedback, monitoring and evaluation to identify service issues and contribute solutions to improve work practices.

Manage self

Manage your workload effectively by prioritising responsibilities and planning tasks to minimise stress and maximise service outcomes.

Effective leadership

Model high standards of management performance and communicate effectively with your team to develop team cohesion and establish effective workplace relationships.

Work Health and Safety

Lead health and safety in your workplace and know how to manage any hazards or incidents that may occur.