Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations

Efficiency is a huge challenge for businesses. However, the drive for efficiency can jeopardise good customer service. In the pursuit of keeping costs as low as possible, many businesses have tried to standardise as much of their service delivery as possible. But the risk is that such organisations often become too mechanistic in their service delivery.

Customers are not generic and therefore it is critical that companies recognise this and respond flexibly to different customer types and behaviour. The art of good business is delivering the right service for the customer, while remaining cost effective.

Target Audience

  • Staff
  • Team Leader
  Duration 1/2 to 1 day
  Language English
  Certificate No

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Define internal and external customer service and how this relates to overall customer satisfaction
  • Use techniques to recognise different customers perspectives and how they impact on expectations
  • Use simple tools to effectively capture customer information to ensure delivery of results
  • Develop a strategy for customer service efficiency while meeting service expectations
  • Identify the risks involved with standardising customer service