Audit Report

Skilled Up places the utmost importance on maintaining compliance with all required regulations, giving you peace of mind that all our training programs are of the highest standard.
A summary of Skilled Up (40471) audit information is as follows:

a) Audit date:

  • 02 & 05 June 2014

b) Qualifications audited:

  • BSB40812  Certificate IV in Frontline Management
  • BSB51107 Diploma of Management
  • TLI31610 Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

c) Audit Outcomes:

  1. Audit non-compliance identified: No
  2. A summary of significant and/or critical non-compliances and actions taken to rectify: Not Applicable
  3. Non-compliances rectified: Not Applicable


Skilled Up’s most recent ASQA Audit Report can be viewed here.
Skilled Up’s CRICOS Audit Report can be viewed here