Courseware Design


Skilled Up works with you to produce powerful and effective product training materials.

Design Criteria

  • Clearly identified learning outcomes
  • Well-researched product and organisational information
  • Adherence to proven instructional design methods
  • Uses ADDIE principles (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation)
  • Ensures accessibility for all users
  • Ensures existing knowledge is activated as a foundation for new knowledge
  • Supports competency assessment of participants
  • Appropriate and reportable assessment instrument
  • Demonstrated linkages to scenarios
  • Uses problem-based learning approach
  • Integrates current research to ensure the most suitable learning methods are used

Participant Materials

  • Engaging, powerful learning material
  • Subject matter clearly described, articulated and explained
  • Exercises and case studies appropriate to the learning outcomes and subject matter
  • Support materials developed incorporating key takeouts, prompts and useful tips, etc.
  • Development of visual cues to support the learning and to highlight key points
  • Additional supporting materials to enhance learning once participants are in their roles (upon completion of the classroom training)
  • All materials incorporated into a participant kit and with existing training initiatives
  • Produced in close liaison with your SMEs
  • Easy to use templates that support exercises and case studies

Trainer / Facilitator Materials

  • Design of comprehensive scripted Trainer/Facilitator Guide using the agreed templates
  • Development of presentation packs incorporating pre-designed flipcharts, PowerPoint presentation etc
  • Guidelines incorporated into kit on how to facilitate the session
  • Development of a facilitator kit including product training
  • Templates
  • Easy to use Leader’s Guide / Facilitator Guide and Participant Workbook templates
  • Style sheets, shortcut keys, auto text integrated into templates
  • Templates for quick reference guides / additional handouts
  • Templates to build overall participant kit (online or paper-based)
  • All templates built to be used for other modules and for to either classroom or online style
  • All templates built in liaison with your SMEs and tested before launch
  • Ongoing refinements and suggestions incorporated in later version
  • Version control on all templates